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My Typical Day

01 May, 2021

Posted in misc

I’ve recently been seeing a lot of posts where other folks in the industry have been blogging about their typical day. Turns out these posts are forming what Ethan Marcotte has referred to as a “blogging chain.”

The chain was started by Colin Devroe, and he tagged a number of people to do the same. Some of my favourites including Dan Mall, Chris Coyier, Sara Soueidan, Jeremy Keith and Michelle Barker have gotten involved.

I decided to write my own after reading Dave Rupert’s entry, so here goes…

  • 6am - 7am: My Alarms (yes, plural) begin from 6am. I’m a bit of a ‘snoozer’ so the time I actually get up varies, but its usually somewhere in this range
  • 7am - 8am: Total chaos time! My wife and I get ready then wake the the kids and get them ready for school. I usually start the day with a pint of water and occasionally an espresso.
  • 8am - 9am: Drive the kids to school. On the way out, we’re usually listening to the kids’ music but on the way home I catch up with whatever is next in my Pocket Casts queue.
  • 9am: After the daily standup with the rest of the team, work begins for the day. Luckily I don’t generally have many meetings other than the occasional quick Zoom call to align with the team so it’s pretty much heads down until lunchtime from here.
  • 1pm: Lunch. If time permits I also try and squeeze in some household jobs. Maybe get a head start on dinner, clean the fish tank, or work on one of my woodworking projects.
  • 2pm - 5.30pm: Much of the afternoon will be spent reviewing code, tidying up work done during the day and preparing for the next. We usually have a bit of a work social at the end of the day on Friday.
  • 5.30pm: Get dinner cooked, eaten and cleared, then entertain the kids for a little while. Once my youngest has been taken to bed, I help the eldest with her homework.
  • 8pm: Once the kids are both asleep, my wife and I will usually relax with some Netflix. You can see what we’re currently watching on my /now page. We usually binge watch a series which we both enjoy but on the days when she’s tired or has something else to do, I tend to catch up on some Sci-Fi or Action movies which she doesn’t like as much.
  • 11pm: Bed

And that’s roughly how it goes most days. Weekends involve a lot more kids activities but I’m generally a creature of habit and like to keep things roughly the same each day.

It’s been interesting and inspiring to read some of the other typical day posts I’ve come across and I’ll be looking out for more from others.

So with that, my nominations go out to:

I hope you can all find time to share with the world.