The tools I use


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I thought it would be interesting and somewhat useful to share a list of hardware, software, apps and podcasts I use on a daily basis both at work and in my personal life.

The list is up to date as of September 2016.


  • HP Probook 6570b laptop with a Dell U2711 screen at work. The laptop wouldn’t have been my first choice but it’s the machine I was provided with. The screen is pretty decent.
  • Logitech MK710 keyboard and mouse combo. Easily on of the best PC combo sets I’ve ever used.

  • 15” Retina Macbook Pro at home. It’s the late 2013 model and is was the top spec at the time.
  • Apple Magic Mouse. I have a love/hate relationship with this mouse.
  • iPhone 6S 64GB in gold.
  • Beats by Dre Solo Wireless 2 headphones - the black and red version.
  • Synology DS212 NAS drive (discontinued) with 3TB WD Red hard drive installed. I have this hooked up to my network at home and use it for backing up photos, sharing large files and as a TimeMachine backup disc for my Macbook.
  • Kindle Fire HDX 16GB version.



  • Visual Studio 2015. I work in a .NET agency building websites in Umbraco and EPiServer so it’s necessary to work with the Microsoft stack.
  • Sublime Text 3 for quick code editing where it’s not necessary to fire up a fully loaded IDE. I also mainly use Sublime when I’m working on WordPress projects. I don’t have a lot of plugins installed for Sublime. The most important one though by far is Emmet.
  • CodeKit for quick environment setup and for compiling Sass (Mac only).
  • Google Chrome. It’s my browser of choice and the Dev Tools are a million times better than all the other browsers.
  • There’s a whole bunch of other small utilities such as Gulp and NPM which would make this list far too long. I wont go into them all but I tend to try out anything which speeds up workflow and efficiency.


  • Adobe CC. I’ve played about with Sketch and Affinity Designer but I feel most comfortable in Photoshop and Illustrator. I use Premiere Pro for video editing.


  • Slack for team communication. I also use Slack for the community I’ve set up at - Go check it out.
  • Typora - a Markdown editor for Mac and PC - for drafting notes and blog posts such as this one. It’s a great app with a super clean interface. I sync my .md files to Dropbox. I’m hoping they release a mobile app soon and introduce native syncing.
  • Dropbox. It’s not perfect but it fits in best with the way I work. I also have my iPhone camera roll automatically back up to Dropbox so I don’t have to fiddle with iTunes to get photos onto my computer.
  • Filezilla for FTP. It’s free. It does the job.
  • Tweeten for twitter. It’s a wrapper for Tweetdeck with some additional improvements which means Tweetdeck features can be used on the desktop again. It’s also cross platform.
  • Wunderlist for to-do lists. Mainly used to share lists with my wife such as shopping, household chores and planning holidays.
  • Trello for task management. We heavily use Trello at work with boards set up for each of our projects. We’re going through a bit of a transition period at the moment, testing out various ‘power ups’ to improve our workflow.
  • Buffer for times when I have a lot of things to share on twitter but don’t want to bombard my feed.
  • Pocket for saving links for later. I used to do all my saving and notes in Evernote but since they introduced the two device limit I’ve made the switch to using Pocket and Typora.
  • Crunch Accounting for managing my freelance work accounts. A brilliant service you should definitely check out!
  • AIMP for playing music on Windows. It’s based on the now discontinued Winamp, which was my favourite music player app ever.
  • VOX for playing music on Mac. It’s about the closest thing on Mac there is to Winamp.

Apps (iOS)

  • Twitter - follow me @ajaykarwal
  • WhatsApp
  • Kindle - For when I don’t have my Kindle Fire with me.
  • PocketCasts for podcasts
  • Shazam
  • Feedly
  • Alien Blue for consuming Reddit.
  • Various photo editing apps including Over, Camera+, Lightroom.
  • Strong for tracking gym progress


Other random bits

The rest are things which don’t really fit into any particular category.

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