Continuous Integration using Travis CI.

Today I learned how to set up Continuous Integration using Travis CI. What this essentially means is that I can now make an update to this website, push to GitHub and have Travis CI automatically trigger a build and if it’s successful, deploy the update to Azure. Read more

People really love Nintendo

Today I learned that if you put an old Super Nintendo for sale on Gumtree and undervalue it, your phone and emails will go into over-drive for the rest of the day. I never knew that they were so sought-after! Read more

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Today I learned that if you have TRV’s fitted on your radiators, at least one of the radiators in your house much have standard valves on it and these should be left fully open. This is to create a bypass in the event of all the TRV’s being switched off or failing. Without this bypass, the boiler would start making a knocking sound and is likely to overheat. Read more

Bias Light

Today I learned what a Bias Light is. It’s an ambient light which is placed behind a TV/Monitor to to reduce the strain on your eyes when watching TV in low light. It also helps to combat colour distortion casued by the ceiling lights of your living room. Read more

Making Makr

Makr is a community for creative people to connect and collaborate in the Thames Valley area. It’s a Slack team where members can discuss events they’ve attended, find collaborators for side projects or simple form friendships with local people who have similar interests. Read more