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Convert Pixels to Rem in Sass

05 October, 2020

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Tagged css

It’s good practice to use rem for font sizes rather than px but remembering which rem value to use can be tricky.

Use a Sass function to calculate the rem value and a mixin to set the value.

@function calculateRem($size) {
$remSize: $size / 16px;
@return $remSize * 1rem;

@mixin font-size($size) {
font-size: $size;
font-size: calculateRem($size);

Simply use the mixin whenever you want to set a font size value.

p {
@include font-size(22px);
/* Output */
p {
font-size: 22px;
font-size: 1.375rem;

The mixin outputs the original pixel value as a fallback for old browsers where rem is not supported, and the calculated rem value after it which takes priority in all modern browsers.