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Merge Objects or Arrays with the `Spread` operator

09 July, 2020

Posted in code

Using the Spread operator (...) you can quickly merge multiple Objects or Arrays together.

const user = {
name: 'Ajay Karwal',
twitter: '@ajaykarwal'

const appearance = {
eyes: 'Brown',
hair: 'Black',
glasses: true

const profile = { ...user, ...appearance };


The result is a single merged Object

eyes: "Brown",
glasses: true,
hair: "Black",
name: "Ajay Karwal",
twitter: "@ajaykarwal"

The same can be applied to Arrays.

const fruit = ['apples', 'bananas', 'strawberries'];

const veg = ['potatoes', 'spinach', 'cauliflower'];

const lunch = [...fruit, ...veg];


// ["apples", "bananas", "strawberries", "potatoes", "spinach", "cauliflower"]

You can even merge Objects and Arrays, though the results might not be what you’re expecting.