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Why and How I blog

11 April, 2023

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Let’s start with Why.

For me, blogging is three things.

  1. A place to document thoughts and ideas for myself.
    I often write up notes on information I might need in the future to save me having to Google it again, such as how to set up Node Version Manager or how to show or hide hidden files on macOS.
  2. A resource for the community.
    The dev community has helped me so much over my career and I can’t count the amount of useful information I’ve got from other people’s blog posts, so it’s only right that I share a little knowledge when I can.
  3. Forming a habit and growing.
    By writing (semi) regularly, I keep myself focused on forming good habits and by writing about my profession I become more of an SME for others.

Here’s my method.

I recently wrote on my newsletter that I love RSS. It’s the primary way I consume other people’s blogs and its the main source of inspiration when writing my own.

Reading what others are writing about usually stirs up thoughts in my mind about how I can take similar concepts and put my own spin on them.

Sometimes, inspiration just comes while taking a walk and listening to podcast.

However the inspiration for a blog post hits, the idea always goes into Notion.

I’ve got a pretty nice workflow for getting ideas into my Notion Inbox where I’ll dump all the ideas I have. Then when I’m sat at my desk I’ll triage these ideas and put the best potentials onto my Blog Content database in Notion and start adding some extra notes.

A screenshot of my Notion board where I manage blog content ideas

From here on I work in a typical Kanban board style, moving my posts across columns until I’m happy to publish them.

The beauty of writing my drafts in Notion is that I can simply export the Markdown when I’m done and paste it straight into my Decap CMS (formerly Netlify CMS) and leave it up to the site CSS to style things up properly.

It’s a pretty simple workflow, which is key to making sure that I blog as often as possible. And the easiest way for you to keep up to date is to follow the RSS feed.