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Creating in plain sight

28 April, 2023

Last weekend I was helping a friend build their new website in Squarespace.

We spent a few hours in the evening switching out different themes, tweaking the layout, updating text and images and testing out the forms.

Throughout the evening, my friend was feeling like we needed to be quick and accurate so that anyone looking at the site while we’re editing it doesn’t get a broken experience.

But let’s be honest. No one is watching yet.

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When it comes to personal websites, small startups or niche blogs, it’s highly unlikely that anyone is watching while you’re tinkering away. You’re essentially anonymous, and there’s an advantage to that.

As Jeff Goins put it in his article The Advantages of Anonymity,

“When you’re anonymous, you can try new things…  you can fail quietly… you can get better faster.”

When you don’t have the pressure of the world watching you as you test out new ideas, you can focus on the work you’re doing and refine things over time rather than striving for perfection from day one.

So, if you have an idea you’ve been putting off because you haven’t ironed out all the details yet, get over the analysis paralysis and just start.

No one is watching yet.

Ajay 👀

Stuff I enjoyed this week.

🎧 Ignore Sunk Costs - Akimbo podcast by Seth Godin

Sunk costs are the costs you’ve already paid which you’re never getting back, so there’s no point in having sunk costs be a factor in deciding what you do next.

📺 Colin From Accounts (IMDB)

It’s a comedy series about two people who are brought together by a car accident. Quite funny.