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Embracing the power of slow progress

Small steps towards big goals

25 May, 2023 Photo by Jukan Tateisi on Unsplash

In a world obsessed with quick fixes and instant success, there’s something refreshing about taking a slower approach to building wealth and skills. We’ve all heard of “get rich quick” schemes, but let’s hit the brakes for a moment and think about “getting rich slowly.”

Over the past few weeks I’ve come across the term “Get Rich Slowly” in some form or another in a bunch of places such as Morgan Housel’s podcast, Ramit Sethi’s awesome book and in a few of the newsletters I subscribe to.

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Getting rich slowly means making small, consistent progress towards a big goal over a long period of time. And it’s not just about money! You can get “rich” in education, career growth, building an audience, improving your health, or hitting your fitness goals. The key here is investing your time and effort over the long haul.

In a culture that craves instant results, it might feel counterintuitive to take things slow. But there’s magic in the journey. Think of it like a artist refining their skills or an athlete training for years to become a champion. It’s all about that gradual improvement and commitment.

But let’s take the term literally for moment talk about money.

Earlier this year I started investing a little each month in the stock market via Trading 212. It’s just a small amount for now while I’m learning the ropes (I’m not a financial expert) but what I really like about Trading 212 is the Pies feature.

Pies allow you to spread your investments across a number of companies in whatever proportions you choose. This allows you to invest in a variety of companies without risking all your capital.

I’ve created a Pie of ten companies I like and would like to support and every month the money I invest gets split equally across them all. So far the returns are small but over the long term (10+ years) those small investments each month will (hopefully) compound into something significant.

For the next two weeks you can get free shares worth up to £100 if you sign up to Trading 212 using the link below.

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I love this idea of getting rich slowly. A little bit of time and energy invested every day can have massive compounding effects over the long term.

Take your time, show up consistently and watch your investments grow!