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One thing

A simple method to prioritise what you need to do

18 May, 2023

Like most people, my team and I have a daily catch up call in the morning to discuss what we did the previous day, our plan for today and any blockers we might have.

This call is usually a good time to make adjustments to your schedule based on the expectations of your team.

One way to prioritise what you work on is to use the “One Thing” principle.

The One Thing principle, developed by Gary Keller, is a productivity concept that states that you should focus on the single most important task you can do to achieve your goal.

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In terms of software development, we use JIRA to manage our tasks and use the priority feature determine if something is high, medium or low.

Of course, its easy to mark everything as High priority so getting your One Thing done needs to remain in your control.

The method I find best is to have a notepad on my desk all the time and simply just write down the main priority item at the top, followed by as many other items I think I might be able to fit into my day (usually 2-3). My notepad from earlier this week. It’s not pretty, but it works.

Anything that doesn’t get checked off the list moves onto tomorrows list where I will evaluate the priority again based on the morning catch up.

Simple eh.


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