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Raised By Books

An ode to software development books

03 March, 2023

This week I was sorting out my new bookshelf in my office and decided that a few of my old programming books no longer deserved space on the shelf.

This got me thinking about what used to happen to old books once they became irrelevant and how they helped us with our posture. I wrote about it on the blog.

Until next time.

Ajay 📚

What I’ve been reading

Nokia changes iconic logo to signal strategy shift

The company says that “nowadays we are a business technology company” and after 60 years has updated its branding to break the association to just smartphones.

Unpacking the Trickiest Concepts in JavaScript

This article by Daniel Bemsen Akosu breaks down some of the trickiest JavaScript concepts including hoisting, currying and closures. It’s worth a bookmark.