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RSS rises

Really Simple Syndication is making a comeback

17 March, 2023

I love RSS.

I’ve loved it since I first discovered Google Reader (R.I.P) in the mid 2000’s. Back then, RSS was the best source for getting updates from the people you wanted to follow. It was easy to set up a blog for free and the tools were already in place to help you get noticed.

Then Twitter happened.

While I still followed all my RSS feeds (my app of choice now is Feedly) I noticed that people were blogging less and things shifted towards more fleeting content in Tweets.

But recently, since Twitter is pretty much destoying itself, there’s been a bit of a resurgence in blogging, and because of this, RSS is on the rise once more.

Check out my RSS feed

People are taking back control of their content and I love that.

Happy blogging!


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Before you go… I have a question.

Do you have an RSS feed on your blog? I’d love to check it out.

Get in touch and let me know.