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Time to hustle

I've started a newsletter, and here's one of the reasons why.

24 February, 2023

Hey folks,

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about content creation and writing and after heading down a Google rabbit hole I came across a podcast called The Side Hustle Show by Nick Loper.

Whenever I come across a podcast which seems interesting I queue up some random episodes in my podcast player and if I’m still interested after those first few, I subscribe.

Turns out the first episode I queued up was “7 Steps to Start and Grow a Side Hustle” which really resonated with me so I insta-subscribed.

While listening to the episode on one of my lunchtime walks I was reminded about a video I recently saw by Ali Abdaal about starting a newsletter on Substack and the combination of these two things has brought me here.

So, here it is.

Welcome to the first installment of my newsletter.

Catch you in the next one.


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