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Why a newsletter?

10 March, 2023

It’s 2023 and I’ve started a newsletter.


Surely we’re at a point where everyone is getting their news from social media and we’re definitely at a point where email services are working harder than ever to help you unsubscribe and reduce your email clutter. So why now?

Let’s start by clearing up what this newsletter is and what it isn’t.

What this newsletter is NOT.

It’s not spam. It’s not hateful. It’s not unethical.

It’s not full of ads. It’s not clickbait. It’s not run by a greedy corporation.

And it’s definitely not going to sell your information.

It’s also not the only place where I share content online. That’s what my website is for.

What this newsletter is.

It’s is an avenue into my content. It’s an occasional reminder that I’ve written something on my blog or I’ve been working on a side project.

It’s a place where I’ll share a few things I find interesting which I hope you do to.

It’s a place to build a community and connect with people who have a similar interest. Where you can passively receive a little something into your inbox — with your permission.

So thanks for subscribing to my newsletter. I know how precious your inbox is so I appreciate you letting me in.

Have a great week!


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