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What I'm up to right now

Here are some of the things I’m currently focused on.

Last updated: May 2021.


I’ve just launched my redesigned website. It’s something I do roughly every two years to keep on top of new trends and technologies.

I’ve switched from Gatsby to Eleventy — a static site generator written in JavaScript which is lightning fast!

See more of the projects I've worked on.


I’m currently watching Snowpiercer and Superstore which are both great and my kids and I are working our way through all the MCU movies in release order.

You can see what else I've been watching on my Letterboxd and TV Time profiles.


You can see what I've been listening to on my and Spotify profiles.

Music Production

In the late 90’s up until around 2008, I used to DJ under the name ‘Keynote’ and also dabbled in producing music, mainly drum and bass. I have some old tunes up on my Soundcloud page which are worth a listen.

After a break of over 10 years, I’ve started to get back into it and have spent the past few weeks working on several new tracks. I’ll be putting them up on Soundcloud once I’m happy with them so watch this space!

This page is inspired by Derek Siver’s now page suggestion and his Now Now Now movement.