What I'm up to right now

Here are some of the things I’m currently focused on.

Last updated: March 2019.


I’m currently working on a large UX piece of work for Thames Water, developing some forms for their ‘Developer Services’. This form previously required several hours worth of manual input from the Thames Water team and often lead to a lot of wasted effort if the customer decided to then not follow through with the work. The new online form will eliminate all this and give the customer a clear indication of expected costs before any work is carried out.



I’m current reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Check out more of my recommended books on my Goodreads profile.


  • Currently wathching a series called Inside No. 9 which is a dark comedy series by the guys who created The League of Gentlemen.
  • I plan on catching up on the original Blade Runner soon before checking out Blade Runner 2049 (bit late to the game I know).


You can see what else I’ve been listening to on my Last.fm or Spotify profiles.


I’m currently playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I’ve completed the main campaign and now I am working my way through the DLC. I’m pretty hooked on the game and I occasionally tweet about it.

This page is inspired by Derek Siver’s now page suggestion and his Now Now Now movement.