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So... about my desk

14 April, 2023

Since this publication is called ‘From the Desk of Ajay Karwal’ I thought it’s about time I showed you my desk.

But before we get to that… let me point you to a blog post I wrote this week — Why and How I Blog. If you’re thinking of starting your own blog, hopefully the post will give you a little inspiration to get started.

OK, back to the desk.

Here it is. 🎉, I tidied up for this shot. It’s usually quite messy.

Beautiful right? I love it 💟

It’s a black IKEA BEKANT desk with a Herman Miller Mirra 2 chair. Here’s a list of everything else I use at my desk if you’re interested.

It’s a place for writing code and also making music.

The room is dark, yet has plenty of natural light when I need it.

And it’s where I’m sitting right now, writing this.

What is your desk like? I’d love to see it. Head over to the Chat or drop me a tweet.